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A match made in Heaven

Recently I made a trip to Haledon, NJ with my cute little grandma to meet the Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco. The origins of the Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco date back to August 5, 1872 in Mornese, Italy. They were created by Don (now John) Bosco and many of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians. The Sisters' mission is to educate and guide God's youth to respect the dignity of the human being and to have an openness to life in all of its forms. Today, they number over 11,000 members in 98 different countries! The Sisters strive to do charity not only towards children, but more especially towards young girls, and everyone, without exception, with the aim of doing as much good as possible.

Sister Maryann Schaefer of the Salesian Sisters in Haledon, NJ originally heard about my story on ABC7NY after my story aired on the evening news. She was so touched by my mission that she had tried contacting the news station to get information on how to get in touch with me, but with no luck. After a quick prayer to St. John and much time searching, she stumbled upon a newspaper article that had a link to my website. Was it a match made in Heaven? We'd like to think so! After getting to know each other and exchanging pleasantries, I ordered fabric to their nearby #joannsfabrics and the Sisters quickly got to work! The women who helped ranged in ages from 33-93 years young and look at them go!

Recently, I finally got to meet the Sisters and brought my grandma along for the ride in my new Jeep Renegade. (Yes, all proper precautions were taken to keep everyone safe)! We got a tour of the grounds and met many of the Sisters before packaging up the FIFTEEN blankets thy made. Then myself and my grandma, led by Sister Maryann, were greeted with a standing ovation and cheering- they were so sweet! It's probably the closest we will get to feeling like celebrities. Sr. Maryann said a few words on the creation and origin of their Order, then I spoke a few words about the creation of ISeeU Blankets, and then they presented us with beautiful statues of the Blessed Mother Mary. All in all, it was a great day and I am so lucky and so blessed to have met the Sisters. I am excited to continue our work together to let patients and families know that we see them!

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