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Finding the light among darkness

Times have been tough recently. A global pandemic wiped out a huge portion of our worldly population, many populations feel they aren't getting the love and respect they deserve as the fight against racism is still continuing, and it is getting harder finding the light among the darkness.

ISeeU Blankets has helped me to find that light again. This project started as a small passion, and it has grown into a small movement as more and more people want to get involved. The very premise of this project is to let people, ALL people, know that they are seen, loved, and supported. Through these tough times, giving out these blankets to patients and families has made me realize that love is what makes the world go round. I am met with the same reaction from every person who receives a blanket: warm smiles. Every person, no matter their race, socioeconomic status, or gender, is grateful to know that they are seen as the human beings they are. They are not just a statistic laying in the bed, but they are someone's grandfather, mother, sibling, child or friend. Each patient is unique and has their own unique story to tell. Every patient fights disease differently. Some are very stoic, some are very emotional, some are very positive. No matter what way they chose to fight their battle, we are there rooting them on every step of the way and these blankets represent that.

Making these blankets has brought my community together. Friends and family members have reached out to lend a helping hand in making the blankets. A local Girl Scout troop offered their time and had such a blast we could've been there for hours. They loved the thought of helping out a complete stranger, and let's be honest, who doesn't like arts and crafts?? The only way we will make the world a better place is starting with the kids. It is easier to mold the mind of a child who has not created their own set of morals than it is changing the mind of an adult who has set morals and views. Teaching them to be kind to all, regardless off their skin color, how big their house is, what cool games they have, is what's going to make a difference.

Try to find the light in every dark day. Then, if you are struggling to find the light, BE the light and do something good for a stranger. Changing the world starts within.

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