Since the creation of ISeeU Blankets® in 2019, the community has been the backbone of providing blankets to the patients. Whether through donations, word-of-mouth, cutting or knotting, the community has been amazing. Together over 100 blankets were made with many more on the way. ISeeU Blankets® has teamed up with a local Girl Scout Troop as a way to work towards their community service patch. With their help we can make 5 blankets in the time it would take to make 1. Many friends, neighbors and even family members have donated their time to make blankets as well. The community is what made ISeeU Blankets® what it is today. Would you or your hospital like to get involved? Please contact us below!

Pictured from left to right: Emily, Cori, Sydney, Catherine, Neeta, Ally



Please visit the video below to learn how I make ISeeU Blankets™ in addition to the starter kit you received in the mail. There are many ways to create no-sew throw blankets, but this is how I prefer to do it. Interested in implementing a local chapter of ISeeU Blankets™ in your hospital? Fill out the form below the video!



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